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We like to receive feedback from customers for our training and consulting services. We use this to highlight areas for improvement and to ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality services. 

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"All Good! Very good tailored course."

Mons, Belgium
“Liked the practical elements. We had an excellent instructor."
NHS Information Centre
Leeds, UK
“I liked the course structure, contents and instructor knowledge."
Novartis Pharma
Hyderabad, India
“Good course, now I have a good understanding of UML and BPMN."
Livingston, UK
“Great! Very helpful and informative."

Scottish Power
Glasgow, UK
“The course was very interactive and accommodated everyone's learning style."
Perth, UK
“Really good overview of EA. The instructor had brilliant knowledge of the product."
Financial Services Authority
Canary Wharf, UK
“I liked the pragmatic approach and the tips and tricks from the instructor."
Brussels, Belgium
“I've studied how to design each diagram correctly. Thanks for a well-prepared course."
Riga, Latvia
"Very good notes, very able presenter. Excellent."
Milton Keynes, UK
“Very good course. Trainer very knowledgeable and personable."
Intune Networks
Belfast and Dublin, Ireland
“Good mix of depth and pace. We had an excellent tutor."
Office of Public Works
Trim, Ireland
“Excellent course and excellent trainer."

Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield, UK
“Good course, well presented."

Livingston, UK
"This course helped me to consolidate my UML knowledge. I enjoyed the atmosphere."
Ordnance Survey
Southampton, UK
"Excellent course, one of the best I've attended."
RM Education
Abingdon, UK and Trivandrum, India
“This is the first time I've done an online course and I was very impressed."
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Abingdon, UK
“Very good course and a great teacher with excellent and detailed knowledge."
Peterborough, UK
"Very good. Overall a useful two days, very happy."
Suffolk Life
Ipswich, UK
“The trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly."
Legal Services Commission
London, UK
“A well thought-out and presented course."

ST Microelectronics
Bristol, UK
“Very good course as an introduction to EA."

Welsh Water
Treharris, Wales, UK
“Enjoyable course. Thanks."

Scottish Government
Edinburgh, UK
"Trainer was very clear and good at communicating concepts to us."
Irwin Mitchell
Sheffield, UK
“Overall very enjoyable, interesting and a valuable use of my time."
Bingley, UK
"I liked the course timing, contents and instructor's knowledge."
Dublin, Ireland and New Jersey, USA
"Great, the trainer was really engaging and knowledgeable."
Tesco Bank
Edinburgh, UK
“Instructor had great domain knowledge and clear and effective communication."
Swindon, UK
“I liked the ability to interact with the trainer who ran the course using simple examples."
Glue Reply
“Good course for someone who didn't know EA. Well done!"
KLM Information Services
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“Enjoyed the course. Instructor more than happy to help and explain further if required."
Rockwell Collins
Reading, UK
“Really was a good course. It was nicely interactive."

Sheffield, UK
“Slides very clear, well presented with good discussions."

Football Pools
Liverpool, UK
“Excellent course! Thanks for all your help."
Swansea, UK
“Good, motivated and skilled instructor."
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“This is honestly the best technical course I ever had."
Madrid, Spain
“The course flowed well, was well defined and had ample supporting documentation."

Parkeon Transportation
Poole, UK
“Excellent course and I would highly recommend Hippo Software to deliver this level of training."
Fife Council
Glenrothes, UK
“Overall it was a great course, taught by a great instructor and pitched just right for our group."
Enstar Group
London, UK, Columbia, US
“Excellent course, well delivered. Very detailed and interactive, paced well so I felt engaged."
Sensata Technologies
Antrim, UK and Changzhou, China
“Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful."

Financial Ombudsman
London, UK
“Very good course."

Glasgow, UK
“Having used EA for a couple of years, this course was revolutionary!"
Northern Powergrid
Newcastle, UK
“Excellent course and instructor. Very useful training."
Wollaton, UK
“Excellent, well structured session and helpful trainer throughout."
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK
“Excellent training course."

Ballerup, Denmark
“Very enjoyable course. Instructor was excellent and very engaging."
Bank of England
London, UK
“Trainer was brilliant. One of the best courses I've been on."
Basingstoke, UK
“Very good overall. Would recommend."

East Renfrewshire Council
Glasgow, UK
“Thank you very much - will be invaluable in my day to day role."
Warrington, UK
“Our trainer was very knowledgeable and made the course worthwhile."
Nottingham, UK
"Very good course, very good teacher."

AWTC Europe
Brussels, Belgium
“EA has a lot to cover.Training made very complex software relatively easy to understand, so well done"
Cambridge Consultants
Cambridge, UK and Boston, USA
“Relaxed and adaptable course."

NHS Blood and Transplant
Birmingham, UK
“I can honestly say this was one of the best training courses I have attended - including onsite classroom style."
Ottawa, St Johns, Canada
“Very informative course and trainer!"

Liverpool, UK
"Would recommend to others, good course."

Ministry of Defence
London, UK
“Excellent course in content and delivery."

Intellectual Property Office
Newport, UK
“Excellent course. Really worthwhile. Thank you."

CalMac Ferries
Glasgow, UK
"Excellent course overall. Would like more after I've had the chance to put this learning to use."
Office for National Statistics
Newport, UK
"Every question was answered in a very professional way with the right amount of detail."
Virum, Denmark
“It was Awesome!"

La Defense
Peutie, Belgium
“Excellent Instructor. Pleasant teaching."

Region Syddanmark
Vejle, Denmark
"Very well delivered course with excellent content."

The Insolvency Service
Birmingham, UK
"I would recommend this course to colleagues wanting to learn about EA and UML."
Porton Down, UK
“I enjoyed the course, found the practical elements useful. It was well paced with a knowledgeable instructor."
The Open University
Milton Keynes, UK
"Great course leader, clear presentation, great supporting docs etc - brilliant!"
Center Parcs
Nottingham, UK
"Lovely. A really good week. Thank you."

Cubic Transportation
Crawley, UK
"A great start to understanding UML."

Royal Air Force
Northolt, UK
"An Excellent course and instructor. Would highly recommend."

UK, USA, Singapore
"Very good course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable."
FedEx Express Europe
"Thanks for the well rounded class and for the excellent help."

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Texas, USA
"Really enjoyed the training session and look forward to using Sparx EA."
Save The Children
London, UK
"Great course. Impressed with speakers' grasp of correct terminology."
SEEMiS Group
Hamilton, UK
"Really enjoyed the training, had a great week."
Southend, UK
"I really enjoyed the training course and found it meaningful and helful."
Helsinki, Finland
"Well laid out presentation, great instructor and well planned practices."
Toronto, Canada
"Overall I really enjoyed the course and I believe I learned a lot."
Pittsburgh, USA
"The course was perfect and well organized as delivered."

Federal Aviation Administration
New Jersey, USA
"Good structure to the course with each module building on the next with good hands-on exercises."
Briggs Equipment
Cannock, UK
"Great course. thanks for a very enjoyable 3 days."

Energy Systems Catapult
Birmingham, UK
"The instructor was very personable and made the material engaging."
Colorado, USA
"Very interesting and informative. Delivered at a good pace."
Barratt Developments PLC
Coalville, UK
"Having the material for future reference is very helpful."
Milan, Italy
"Methodical approach to the different layers and views made it seem very straightforward."
Vivacity Rail Consulting
London, UK
"Good pace and a good mix of exercises and materials."

London, UK
"Right mix of interaction and teaching."

Hatfield, UK
"Good mix of theory, demonstration, practical hands-on and time for questions."

UK & India
"I liked the explanation and detail of the search groups."

BAE Systems
Barrow-in-Furness, UK
"It's been a very pleasant and enriching 6 month experience to work with Hippo on the ReFLEX Project."
Stromness, UK
"Presentational style was engaging and Positive."

Bristol, UK
"I'm looking for an opportunity to practice what I have learned."

London, UK
"The way the course was not overly complex made a huge difference to this 'non-technical user."
Montreal, Canada
"The trainer made it fun and engaging."

JCB Transmissions
Wrexham, UK
"The course was very enjoyable and highly informative."
Aldermaston, UK
"I liked the detailed materials as well as the trainer's Knowledge."
East West Rail
Milton Keynes, UK
"Great instructor and training material."

Greenford, UK
"The course was very enjoyable and highly informative."
Hyperdrive Innovation
Sunderland, UK
"A really worthwhile course, which
was excellent from start to finish."
Edinburgh, UK
"Excellent course, informative and more engaging than any virtual training I’ve been on to date."
Infinity Systems Engineering Ltd
Bristol, UK
"Great course, good pace,
trainer very knowledgeable."

Virgin Media O2
Reading, UK
"Really well taught overall, very in depth and organised, instructor very knowledgeable.

Lockheed Martin
"Really useful & very good, easy to follow training course."

Ballard Motive Solutions
Coventry, UK
"Good course. It gave me a foundation to start using Sparx."

The Home Office
Sheffield, UK
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to applying my new knowledge to an industry project."
TAE Power Solutions
Birmingham, UK
"I have learnt a lot during those 3 days! It will be very helpful. Thank you."
Crawley, UK
"This course is an excellent springboard for developing skills in EA."
Northrop Grumman
New Malden, UK
"The hands-on exercises were clear and guided me through the steps succinctly."
Leicester, UK
"Very well paced training. Excellent trainer with great knowledge and experience."
Selby, UK
"Very good course. Would recommend."

Tewkesbury, UK
"Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend more courses."
Army HQ
Andover, UK
"Really enjoyed the course and would recommend to colleagues in the future."
Central Bank of Ireland
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
"Really enjoyed the course."

Landmark Information Group
Exeter, UK
"Good presentation. Interested in future courses"
Great Malvern, UK
"The instructor was excellent"

Historic England
Manchester, UK
"Thank you very much. This will be helpful in our daily job"
Air France
Paris, France
"The amount and level of detail, the exercises and the content was well presented"
South Staffordshire PLC
Walsall, UK